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His Heart
His heart
was shaped and molded
from ashes, from steel,
from pain, from death.
His heart
remained unwavering
as the brave fell
around him, before him.
His heart
contained no weakness
no emotion
or so he thought.
His heart
ached in a way
he didn't know possible
but there was no denying it.
His heart
was heavy with guilt
the 'what ifs' and failed plans
his job was to protect her.
His heart
in a body so strong
was broken,
shattered with her final touch.
His heart
mourned the loss
of his love, his life
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 0 1
Red vs. Blue: Project
Agent Texas: the legend, the marvel, the warrior.
Without her, Project Freelancer would have no purpose.
She was the true creator of the Project.
He had spent his life searching for a way to bring Allison back. His love for her motivated his every move, his every breath. Losing her so quickly had broken his heart but at the same time awakened a part of his mind he didn't know existed-pure determination. There was a way he could bring her back, but doing so would only be possible through the use of artificial intelligence.
She wouldn't be his Allison, but she would be alive.
The process had taken him years to discover. Posing as an ally of the military was a great way to get access to resources unavailable to the common scientist. Of course he was researching the advantages an AI integrated into the suit of a soldier would have to their performance; of course the request for the military's top agents was purely to strengthen the resistance against the invading aliens.
Of course he wasn'
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 14 3
Mass Effect: Phoenix - Epilogue
She was in a daze. She could only watch as a seemingly endless expanse of white ceiling passed over her head. The drugs in her system to counteract the pain and nearly knock her out were fading, albeit slowly. Her mind refused to process what had happened in the past couple of hours.
She vaguely remembered being wheeled into the operating room amidst a horrible bout of pain. After having to leave Kaidan, she had felt an overwhelming feeling of fear. What was to happen, nobody knew.
She closed her eyes as the bed she was being wheeled on passed through the hospital hallways. She was feeling dizzy. She didn't know how much time had passed since the last time she was conscious; time was an extremely relative figure at this point.
The rolling bed eventually came to a gentle stop in a dimly lit room. She heard voices, but didn't have the energy to make out the whispered words. The door, and a voice she recognized sounded through the room. Through her limp fingers intertwined the slightly la
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 8 3
Mass Effect: Phoenix Chapter 10 - Joker
"Where are we going?"
Joker sighed, his sister had been asking that very question all morning, "I told you, to see a friend."
"Why won't you just tell me who we are going to see?"
"Gunny," Joker put a hand on his sister's shoulder and squeezed, "it's a surprise. Trust me, you'll like her."
Gunny made a noise in the back of her throat and followed Joker through the streets of London. After three months, the people of the city had cleaned up small sections of the downtown area. The main areas of the city were the cleanest. Joker and his younger sister were walking down London's main avenue. The clock tower, Big Ben, was to their right. It was leaning precariously to one side, great splotches of black soot covering the majestic contours of the tower. Townspeople walked among the remaining rubble, their voices carrying over the still air. Along with the downed buildings, dead Reapers littered the city, some taking up as much as two miles. No one really knew what to do with the Reapers. It
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 6 2
In Times Past by DaliShepard2154 In Times Past :icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 1 0
RvB Drabbles 2
There was nothing congenial about the man-his spirit disgruntled by the anguish he had been put through. He had taken it all for granted; he didn't enjoy the exuberance of her presence while it was readily within his grasp. Now, with no one left to right his moral wrongs, to give him a hand in his time of need, he was desolate.
Before his loss, his happiness had been blithe. It had been all in his head-the driving force for his each and every day. Such an air of satisfaction only served to disillusion him further when she was gone. At first, his stubborn attitude defied what everyone around him was trying to tell him. There was no way she had allowed herself to be killed; she was too strong, too proud. Refusing to think of her as never returning, thinking that soon she would walk back into his life as if nothing had happened, gave him a sense of gratification. He was doing what everyone else wasn't-holding out hope for the woman he loved.
Director Leonard Church rarely thought about hi
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 1 0
RvB Drabbles: Chapter 1
They were never objective in their reports-always slandering the Project at every opportunity. Their subjectivity was often taken as pure fact from those in higher power. They never tolerated as much as a simple misstep in the assigned missions, something that was nearly impossible to forgo in such high risk operations. With this in mind, the members of the Project tailored the statements to meet the preconceived standards in the UNSC's collective group of minds. The UNSC had always been partial to the organizations they favored.
Little did they know how their lack of partisanship toward Project Freelancer would injure them in the future, though such deception on the Project's part was unforeseeable to the average person. If only the UNSC had been amenable to the Project's methods; if only they could have displayed even a hint of forbearance to the events that had transpired, perhaps so much bloodshed wouldn't have been necessary.
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 0 0
Mass Effect: Phoenix Chapter 9 - Adalia
She woke once more to the sound of the heartbeat monitor. The electronic beep was insistent, matching the pulse that she could feel in her temple when laying on her side.
She felt an unfamiliar feeling in her abdomen, so the last time she awoke hadn't been a dream. She really was...she was...
Shepard couldn't believe it.
A day or so ago, she had wakened for the second time in weeks. Her mother had been at her side, holding her limp hand with her eyes half closed. He mom had been thrilled to tell her that her crew had made it back safely and that they all had visited her. Hannah had been ecstatic to tell her that a 'certain male...friend' of Shepard's had stayed longer than the others, talking to Hannah about 'matters at hand'.
It was only later when Hannah told Adalia what had been discovered.
She was pregnant.
Shepard could tell that her mother had expected her to be happy with the news. However, Adalia had been horrified-so much so that the pain in her leg had become overwhelming, an
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 5 1
Red vs. Blue: Down
She viewed the rankings with distaste. Not a day before, her name had graced the top spot; she had been the top freelancer-the best of the best. The glowing blue board seemed to taunt her, to point out the obvious fact of her demotion. Agent Texas... She mentally spat at the notion of the mysterious rookie who had come into their family and upset the precarious balance of power. Something was horribly wrong, and the director's rage whenever questioned about Texas contributed to her suspicions. There was no way she was a rookie...not with the skills she displayed in combat. No normal person could defeat Carolina in battle, yet Texas conducted such a feat in her first month as a freelancer-seemingly without any effort.
Carolina turned sharply away from the glowing board in the hallway and made her way towards the women's locker room. She would try her damnedest to get earn her spot back. Texas wouldn't be her superior for much longer, if she could help it.
The hallways were empty-mostly.
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 13 0
Mass Effect: Phoenix Chapter 8 - Kaidan
He leaned against the window of the ship, looking at the endless sea of stars in the distant vestiges of the galaxy. Closer to them was the elegant planet of Saturn; its rings circling the planet like a bird around prey.
They were finally in the Sol System.
Without the mass relays, it had taken the Alliance rescue ship a few long weeks to traverse from the Horsehead Nebula. The frigate followed the distress beacon initiated by the Normandy, which had taken the ship to a jungle planet at the edge of the system. It hadn't taken them long to find the downed Normandy and her misshapen crew. They had been taken aboard the frigate, cleaned up, and, after a goodbye to the Normandy, had begun on their journey back to Earth. Despite the engineering crew's best efforts, the Normandy's repairs hadn't been enough to get the ship off the ground before the beacon was discovered. A team of Alliance maintenance workers was left behind with the ship to get it running again-a spare frigate left with the
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 4 0
Mass Effect: Phoenix Chapter 7 - Hannah
"She's what?"
"Pregnant," The nurse repeated excitedly. "One month,and my readings say that it was conceived the day before the Reapers were defeated. I wasn't able to detect it until now due the conflicting readings I was getting from her body-her injuries were great when we first found her, as you know. Now that her injuries are healing, I'm able to see the little life that is growing inside of her." The nurse walked over to Hannah, "Would you like to see, ma'am?"
Hannah glanced back down at her daughter. She had been sitting next to Adalia for a couple of weeks now; Ron had occasionally come and visited. Hannah was stroking her forehead, as she did on most days, hoping that Dali would awaken. Hearing the news that her daughter was pregnant was shocking to the admiral. Even so, Hannah nodded to the nurse.
The young woman walked to Hannah's side and opened her omnitool. After tapping a few of the holographic buttons, a screen opened up that resembled an ultra sound. She passed it over
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 6 0
Mature content
Red vs. Blue: Wake :icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 12 2
Red vs. Blue: Freelancer AI's (Updated Version) by DaliShepard2154 Red vs. Blue: Freelancer AI's (Updated Version) :icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 77 5
Red vs. Blue: Rage
South was pissed. She couldn't remember the last time her short temper had flared to this extent. Stealth...why did her stealth matter when the mission was a success? That was no reason to knock her stature down on the board. Her twin was now her superior. She had always resented the fact that she and North always ended up together, but now a small part of her wished they could be equal. She prided herself in her abilities, felt a sense of satisfaction whenever she recalled her journey to the top rankings. Events like this demoralized her in a way nothing else could. Her pride was one of her greatest downfalls.
South left the office of the director after their briefing. Anything that ventured near the hand that wasn't holding her helmet was punched as an attempt to vent some of the steam that was building up in the freelancer's body. She scoffed at the notion of North being moved ahead. He was always such a kiss-ass, always sticking to the mission parameters as if they were the religio
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 16 32
Mass Effect: Phoenix Chapter 6 - Adalia
When she awoke, she believed herself to be dead, and, for a while, it seemed as if she was.
The process of waking was slow, feeling returned individually to each of her limbs. The return of feeling wasn't a relief, rather, it burned as if a million miniature fires were ravaging her cells. She gasped involuntarily, but found that breathing was getting increasingly difficult. Every beat that her heart completed brought upon new pain. It was torture; though, the reasonable part of her brain surmised that she had experienced worse. She had suffocated and died once before.
Despite the pain that was burning behind her eyes, she managed to open them. Thankfully the room was darkened-the late afternoon sun casting a shadow from behind a building. Now that she had nearly all feeling back, she could feel a needle in her arm, delivering the medicine that had kept her asleep for such a long time.
Her eyes adjusted to the gloom, though the dreary atmosphere started the process of lulling her back t
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 4 0
Mass Effect: Phoenix Chapter 5 - Joker
"Alenko! Want a beer?" Joker waved one of the beverages tauntingly above his head.
The biotic looked up from the tangle of wires he had been studying for the past couple of weeks-seeming to get nowhere, though he insisted otherwise, "Where'd you get it?" he asked suspiciously.
"My stash in the bridge. Technically, it wasn't stealing. The beers found their own way under my chair."
Kaidan walked over and grabbed the beverage from the pilot's hand, "Right."
"Yo, Crip, got another?" Vega walked up behind Joker.
Joker cringed at the use of his nickname. Every time the lieutenant used it, he wanted to punch him. However, seeing the mass of muscles that made up Vega's body always intimidated him. Even attempting to punch the man could result in a shattered arm. With these thoughts in mind, the pilot reluctantly turned and pulled another out of the burlap sack he'd...procured in the Zakera Ward. He threw it at the lieutenant.
"Hmph...not even cold." Vega grumbled.
"What do you expect? We're in
:icondalishepard2154:DaliShepard2154 8 2


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I made a Church/Tex video months ago but finally posted it to Youtube like...ten minutes ago.

Check it out! :D

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Warning: there are spoilers for Red vs. Blue Season 10. If you haven't watched that awesomely awesome season yet, I strongly suggest that you do!



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